Ah, the Holidays

Poor blog. Did you feel neglected? Did you think I didn’t love you anymore? Pish posh. I’ve been busy riding the work rollercoaster – up & down – merger or no merger? Job or no job? I’ve got my resume out there but my heart’s not in the hunt. I’m in a state of shock. Shock, blog. No kidding.

I’ve also been documenting the lack of success any product or treatment I try has had on my dermie situation. My ankles and hands are still really bad and I’ve been taking pictures every few days to see if it’s improving. It’s not. I plan to publish the results as soon as there are any. I am of the strong opinion that psoriasis is an illness pariah. I’m not trynig to make it chic or anything, but it certainly shouldn’t have to be anybody’s dirty little secret. Just wait, World. We’re not stopping with The Singing Detective. No way.

Blah blah. Finally got Christmassy this weekend. I’ll snap a pic of the tree after I get the presents wrapped.

I’m taking the day off to celebrate the end of the semester and straight A’s, though I got a B minus on my Brit Lit paper and I’m totally bummed about it, even though I got an A in the class.

I will not spend all day watching E! Entertainment Network and hating myself. I will not spend all day…

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