The past couple of days have been busy. I worked 6:30 AM till whenever at work then came home, worked on homework for a little while, got ready, and went out to dinner with friends. That was very nice and I was very sleepy by the time we got home. K & K stopped by for a quick visit, and I promptly fell asleep with my head on D’s shoulder. Got up yesterday and worked on a nasty financial exercise for my parents, our friends from VA Beach came over and visited and while they went to dinner at Comfort D and I went to an old friend of mine’s wedding. My ex boss was the DJ, but the exchange was not as unpleasant as my employment’s end would have dictated. I guess sometimes time does heal all wounds, except in the case of the bride, with whom I have a complicated past. I thought by going to the wedding it would show a “we’ve both got our shit together and are no longer dysfunctional drunks. You are married with a child, I am married with a cat, we are equals as far as formerly-dysfunctional drunks go, and I wish you the very best” kind of solidarity. Instead the exchange was indeed more awkward that the conversation with my ex-boss whom I quitted with profanity after some very explosive arguing (I maintain it was mostly his fault). This conversation was lovely and nurturing compared to the awkward exchange with Das Bride. She looked lovely, and I’m glad she is happy. I’ll leave it at that, rather than speculate on the “unfinished business” she said she had with me.

We came home to find that our VA Beach friends had locked the knob on the den door on their way out. Bummer. They have one key to the front door knobs and deadbolt. My parents have the other. Therefore neither D or I have a front door key. The front door is the only door in the house that has one key that operates both the knob and the deadbolt. The other two doors (both in the den) are flip-flopped. That is, the key that fits the knob on the front den door also works the deadbolt on the back den door, while the key that works the knob on the back den door works the deadbolt on the front den door. The latter key is the key that both D and I use to get into the den, and therefore we never lock the den front door knob, as we don’t have a key for it (K & K have that one). Complicated. Frustrating. And so there we were after sweating and getting eaten by bugs at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, dressed in a dress and tie (me and him, respectively) and we were locked out of our house.

Luckily it didn’t take long for our guests to get here, and I fell asleep promptly after eating many Totino’s Pizza Rolls and watching reruns of the Dog Whisperer.

Today I’m going to tutor my dad in the basics of Microsoft Office, then we’re having barbeque with Mom, Dad, Aunt, and Uncle as a Labor Day celebration. All this and I have the following to complete before Tuesday:

1. Read all of The Pilgrim’s Progress and read the online discussion topics posted by fellow students in order to form thoughts for discussion on Wednesday (ENG 415)
2. Read “The Thought Fox” by Ted Hughes and “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath, pick one and write a well-formed opinion on for class on Tuesday (ENG 301)
3. Start memorizing “The Windhover” for my oral recitation of it on Sept. 16 (ENG 301)
4. Create a resume for the class’s critique (ENG 303)

I truly meant to take picture of the dapperness that was me and D yesterday, but it was hot and I was troubled by the awkwardness, so just imagine a green shirt and tie and a brown polka-dotted number and you’ll get the picture.

Off to prepare for tutuoring and read an article on blogging that JB sent me.

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