An Evening With Weird Al Yankovic

On Tuesday the Hubs and I went to the National to see Weird Al. We saw him a year ago at Innsbrook. I must say I enjoyed the experience more sans mosquitos.

We’ve both been Weird Al fans for a number of years, and now we’re both old enough to admit it. The guy…well…he’s kind of a genius. We both went through an “I’m so cool that I only listen to artisitcally “relevant” music deemed so by their

use as soundtrack music in indie movies
approval by people I deem cooler than me
status as something that nobody in the room/at the party/in the conversation has heard of/thought of liking/managed to consider ironic before I enlightened them”

stage. As for me, I still listened to whatever the heck I wanted to, but being a DJ kind of ruined me for a while. I will say now that if I ever (and I don’t think I ever did) but if I ever said a single ill world against Weird Al I totally take it back. Because that guy knows how to party.

With Stormtroopers:

And in a fat suit:

If you’ve never seen him in person, treat yourself. Even if you’re not a huge accordian music fan, he’s got infectious energy…guess it comes from being so “White and Nerdy”

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