El Gato – Caught Red Handed

Ah, the cat. She is a unique creature. Meaning, there are no other cats like her. She has a presence all her own. If you came to my house and said, “hey, your cat is just like another cat I’ve met”, I would argue with you. Because she’s not. She’s my cat. That other cat…it’s not my cat. This is my cat. And she has a bathtub problem.

Our faucet drips. We really like this house we rent, but the plumbing is not so good. The kitty’s big thing is getting into the bathtub and catching the drips of water that come out of the faucet. For a while she tried catching them in her mouth as they fell out of the faucet. Apparently that was as much trouble as chasing a fake mouse or paying attention to the laser pointer. It’s just not worth it. So now she just puts her head and paw directly underneath the drips and licks the drips off her paw. Needless to say her head gets completely wet. Bizzaro.

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