Ah, Internet

So, Twitter. I logged into it and as it turns out, I already have an account. In fact, I’ve already twittered before. My twitter said “Migraines are God’s way of saying “take a break””
I don’t even remember doing that, so the migraine must have been pretty bad. However, I decided to make a joke and imply that I might have been drunk when I signed up for twitter. Which is silly, since I only listen to iTunes and get maudlin when I tie one on. Which is, you know, practically never.
It’s odd. Most of the in-earnest, serious bloggers I read get pretty frank about their real life. I feel very constricted, which probably means I shouldn’t do this but I enjoy it and appreciate the challenge of making something into a compelling read without spilling too many of my private beans.
I mean, work is out. Definitely. One thing we’ve learned from the honorable Heather Armstrong is that blogging about work can definitely get you into trouble. I should know myself, I got in trouble a few years back just venting my frustrations about my boss on myspace. I erased a lot of really hilarious material in my scramble to keep my job, so I’ve vowed to be clever so that I can keep it.
Family is mostly out too, in that I certainly can’t vent. I can, however, if I ever become popular, help my family through my writing, so that’s something to look forward to.
So, Internet. I’m still trying to figure out how to entertain you.

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  1. My mom reads my blog so I can’t vent about her…how about this…you blog about my mom and I’ll blog about yours? I too find it really hard to find stuff to blog about…I have blogging friends who always find something interesting to blog about…not sure how they do it!

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