Well, it’s been forever, and I guess that’s OK. I mean, nobody’s pining away for news on me. Which is a good thing. Because that would be sorta creepy.

We’re back from Georgia and it was a really nice trip. We went to visit the hubby’s dad and stepmom (henceforth known as the PIL – parents in law) and although 10 hours up and back in the car is sort of devastating, LaGrange Georgia is a nice town and the PIL are lovely and wonderful people.

Surprisingly, even though I took a lot of photos of STUFF, I didn’t take a lot of photos of the PIL and me and Dwight. I guess it didn’t seem appropriate, or something. Dwight took a lot of picture of the FIL because one of the whole reasons we were down there was to go to this singing concert of the FIL. He’s in a singing group called The Sons of Lafayette and they are really quite amazing. Check them out.

It was quite a production. Eileen, my stepmom-in-law (which is too complicated to say every time, and she calls me her daughter-in-law, so I will call her mom-in-law or MIL and let it just be known that I have two of those. So, Eileen will be MILE and Judy (Dwight’s mom) will be MILJ. It’s like all of the sudden I’ve assigned Myers-Briggs test result acronyms to my family). Bygones.

Anyway, for this concert, Eileen was supposed to take tickets. The tickets were yellow, and they had places where you could fill out your name and address, because right after intermission there was going to be a door prize drawing. The door prizes were a dinner for two at the local Italian restaurant, dinner for two at the local IHOP, and one other one that I can’t remember. But wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

When we got to the place, Gary was late so he had to run to get into the big group photo.

So anyway, Eileen was going to take tickets, so instead of just sitting around (which I’m not too talented at), I just decided to help her. That was fun. There were Scottish people, and an older lady flirted with me, and everybody was nice and friendly and in a good mood. They were going to a concert, after all. It was big doings.

So, the concert started and they were really great. There were a couple of wardrobe changes, and the last one was a change for their “rock and roll” segment of the evening. They sang “Splish Splash” and “Da Doo Ron Ron” and some other oldies but goodies. They had to wear plastic hats.

Notice how the other guys have their hats on like cheap detectives, while my FIL takes the alternate route and wears his like a pilgrim hat. Adorable.

More to follow on our flea-marketing and antiquing adventures, and also about the car ride itself. I know you can’t wait…

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