The kitty is snoring

I should be in bed. I am going to get up super-early tomorrow to get to work early. I was going to do some work when I got home, but I’m sore from my adjustment and TIRED.

I had my first chiropractor appointment in months–I went back to the first chiropractor I ever saw after some dissatisfaction with the last one. Good chiropractor–a little to eye-on-the-prize bottom line. I saw a different side of him when he tried to pitch to my mom. I have a big problem with how commericalized and big-business modern medicine has become, and that last guy showed me that alternative medicine is headed down the same path.

I think that chiropractic care makes a lot of sense. Also, when I was going regularly I breated better and had less pain. Took the ‘chronic’ out of chronic back pain. I was really getting better. I have new hope for a healthy pain-free body (that is also 30 pounds lighter).

One of my friends on myspace has documented her considerable weight loss in a blog. It’s been really interesting to follow her progress and cheer for her accomplishments. I don’t think I’ll go that route, though I might be tempted to post some ‘before and after’ photos should I reach my goal.

It’s been a pretty good head day. Only four or five worries about cancer, no fears about catching random and freakish sores from touching the same pen as someone else, two or three fleeting thoughts and worries about death and the possibility of under-atonement, two thoughts about monkeys and their similarity to humans, six freakouts about forgetting something, two guilt sessions about procrastination…

My lovely boss donated $100 to my heartwalk campaign. I remain worried that we won’t reach our company goal.

I need to get up at six to get to work by seven because I want to make Hubby’s sandwich for work (first day back after wisdom tooth misery) and get my thoughts together before I get to the office at seven for a power-productivity session where I plan to wipe out overhanging projects in a blinding and accurate three-hour work session. When I’m in the right frame of mind I can get a week’s work of worth done in two or three hours. Let’s hope tomorrow morning yields the right frame of mind…

I guess I’ll let you know.

I remain,


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