Today's been a weird day

So the hubby had his wisdom teeth extracted today. He responded remarkably well to the knock-out drops and woke up relatively coherant. I let myself get too hungy, not wanting to eat because he couldn’t eat, and not wanting to say that I needed to eat because I didn’t want him secretly thinking “it wouldn’t kill you to skip a meal or six.”

I’ve got about 30 extra pounds on me. It’s well distributed, in that I don’t look like I’m 30 pounds overweight, and I am frustrated. I’m mainly frustrated because every three days or so I turn over a new leaf and decide to really do the diet/exercise thing and then I wake up the next morning and eat something awful for breakfast, plan to workout on my lunch break and work straight through it instead. Tomorrow, tomorrow. I’ll start tomorrow.

I had a nice little freakout in class tonight, thinking that I might have seen a sore on the lip of the guy sitting behind me and that he might, just might, have taken a drink of my water when I got up to go to the bathroom. Working though my issues, I drank my water anyway. I’ll let you know if something horrific starts growing on my lip.

I haven’t had any more success with my Heart Walk endeavor. It’s been such a struggle. I haven’t been able to get my point across to my AHA rep in a nice way–I had to get nasty with her to explain that we’re not the type of company that is NOT busy enough to have her stopping by every week to talk about this campaign. Sheesh…it’s hard enough getting people to participate once they find out they need to raise money, but throw in a well-meaning and cheerful outside rep who approaches her corporate partners like she’s trying to sell them a boat and you’ve got some overworked do-gooders who don’t feel too much like doing good.

The only problem is that in my effort to get her to comply to my (and my company’s) wishes as to how we want to run our own fundraising campaign, I’ve told her how hard I’m working to reach our $25,000.00 goal. I feel like not reaching this goal will be an admission of ineptitude and she’ll be proven right in her guerilla not-for-profit managing tactics. Yipe. I just hope we can come close to the goal.

Trying to get through an episode of Saving Grace, but I don’t think I have it in me. I think I’ll shower and go to bed. I feel beat up–poor Hubby’s the one with the wads of cotton in his mouth and I’m feeling sorry for myself. Shame on me.

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