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Long Time Procrastonator, First Time (This Week) Blogger

Today Mom and I swung by an estate sale in our neighborhood. Estate sales are traditionally very sad for me, and this one was no different. I mean, you’re walking around in someone’s house literally sifting through their stuff because they’re either too old and infirm or too dead to do anything about it, and their ungrateful ingrate children don’t want to take the time out of their busy schedules to lovingly pack up their parents’ belongings and find a proper home for it.

Well, I made sure I was the proper home for a few items. The cool thing is that I will always remember that I bought these things at an estate sale on Donora, from an estate of a person that I know nothing about, save that she was a grandma and one time she was sick because she owned a get well puppy vase.

This is one of those situations where I realize I should always, always, always carry my camera with me, because I would have taken a picture of the get well puppy vase so you could see it. AND I would have taken a picture of the heavy as lead IBM electric typewriter that is TOTALLY haunted and spooky, and that I’ve since emailed the estate dismantling company to see if I can still obtain it. I borrowed a picture from the IBM website to show you.

Honking, ain’t it? I’m fairly certain the one in the estate garage is from the late 1930’s, and it will probably give me nightmares and suck the basement into a hell dimension, but mayhap I can get someone to perform an exorcism on it so I can keep it. It’s funky. And electric!

I did pick up a little Smith Corona electric guy. He doesn’t smell good like my Remingtons, Underwoods, and my Royals, but it’s cute. Check it out.

I also got two bud vases, a lovely and delicate china teacup, and a glass serving dish with a metal handle thingy that it sits in. See below.

I really hope I can get my hands on that IBM machine. It was creepy and kinda sticky and it vibrated a little when I touched it, but now I want it really, really bad. Maybe that’s a bad thing, and you shouldn’t root that I get it. 🙂