I totally changed my mind

So the Christ In Concrete and The Fortunate Pilgrim paper? I’m changing my assigment choice to this:

“Most of the texts we have read propose starkly different models of assimilation – or immigrant success – for men and women. Wht models of gender inform these theories? What learned behaviors or innate traits make women or men particularly suited to survive and thrive in an American context?”

This is better because I really want to talk about Lucia Santa from The Fortunate Pilgrim and how she didn’t assimilate so much as learn how to stay Italian within America. It actually has a lot to do with her being a woman (a strong woman) in a matricarchal role with no patricarch to act as a foil. So gender has a lot to do with her success. But gender has a lot to do with Paul’s little bit of success in Christ In Concrete, and a lot more to do with his dissapointment in what America has to offer. Neither book shows a clear picture of an Old World identity – at least not a character’s identity. Neither book takes place in Italy at all – there are just parts that talk about the Old World (more in FP than CIC). So the first essay question I planned to respond to wasn’t entirely appropriate for what I want to talk about. I’ll post it when I’m finished and it’s been turned in. Don’t want to get accused of plagarizing my own writing…

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