As a side note

I think I figured out what caused this illness. At first (because of my internet reading) I thought it was because I liked to drink wine, or because my triglycerides are kind of high. Not so. Turns out my wine consumption was not enough to spark this, nor was my triglyceride level. They said “sometimes we never know why someone gets pancreatitis” but I didn’t like that. I like for questions to have answers. I did a little more reading, and three sources confirmed that acute pancreatitis can come about because of trauma to the abdomen. Like a car accident. Now, I haven’t been in a car accident lately (knock on wood), but the other day at work I was pushing this cart around and I accidentally ran it into a wall, thus shoving the push bar of the cart directly into the left side of my abdomen. Hard. It hurt so bad, in fact, that my knees momentarily gave out and I had to grab onto the cart to keep my balance. I bet that’s what it was. Stupid cart.

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