Beautiful Day

I joined a church this morning, which is pretty neat. I haven’t liked a church enough to join, well, ever, so it’s a good.
We bought a truck for Dwight, and that’s a good too. I also might have a new writing gig for a dude that runs a top ten website. I’m doing a sample article for him that’s due on Tuesday. Yay! Work for my staycation. I checked work email today and got a concerned email back from my boss saying not to do that anymore, so I will comply. I just hope my flaky overwhelmedness doesn’t bite me too badly when I get back.
Also, we might have a buyer for the Jeep, which would be awesome, since we have to put oil into the oil tank ASAP. Prices are going up by the second.

So that’s the news that’s new and improved. If I get this top ten writing gig I’ll ask if I can post a link, so you can see that other people like reading what I write too. 🙂

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