I’m supposed to be studying chemistry

but instead I will tell you all about my typewriters.
I collect antique (sometimes haunted) typewriters. Here are some photographs of my typewriters:

This one lives in the guest room, and it is not haunted. I bought it on eBay. I love eBay for typewriters.


This one is, in fact, haunted. Kate and I think that someone typed their suicide note on it and then jumped to their bloody death. Or hung themself. With a plastic cord.


I picked this one up at Diversity Thrift, which is the home of the Gay Community Center in Richmond. In addition to raising millions for the Fan Free Clinic, it is also a kick-ass thrift store. Great cheap furniture, plenty of vinyl, and TYPEWRITERS (well, only this once). I got this one and one of the ones in the living room, as you see below…

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