F'Ing Chemistry

OK. I admit it. Not only do I not get the chemistry that I’ve recently paid $300 to take, I am also so astoundingly bored by it that I have a hard time snapping myself into panic mode in order to catch up and get a passing grade.
I’m 31 freaking years old, people. I don’t fail classes. I’ve been an almost-straight-A student since I’ve been back in school and I pride myself on overcoming obstacles – taking on a seriously tough classload while working full time and trying to maintain some semblance of a normal life. BUT CHEMISTRY IS KICKING MY ASS.
I hate it. I hate valence electrons and ionic compounds and -ates and -ites tetra-ides and all of it. I am so far behind (like three chapters behind) and I have until July 25 to complete ALL of it.
That’s it. Tomorrow after work I am going to the library. I’m going to sit and read the stupid book and the teacher’s very thorough and very detailed study guide (thank God for it) and I’m going to pound this knowledge into my head. I’m going to take the Chapter 3b quiz, I’m going to do better than a 52 (my score on the last quiz, and I wouldn’t have done that well if I hadn’t coerced Dwight into reading Chapter 3 and helping me) and I’m just going to roll through. I’m going to move my midterm appointment from Wednesday to Friday or Saturday and I’m going to the LIBRARY tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday and I’m going to catch up. Enough. This is haunting my every move, and I’ve got so much work work to do at (guess where?) WORK that I have no room in my head for this worry. Chemistry? Sure. I’ve got room for Chemistry. But not for worry.
Stay tuned. And hey, if you ever get the chance to take an online Chemistry class…don’t do it. For the love of Pete (whoever that is) and for all that is sacred and holy, please don’t take that class online. Have a teacher who can stand in front of you and answer all the baffled looks you through his/her way. For real. Those are my words of wisdom for the day.

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