I Was Supposed To Write About Earwigs

So tonight we listened to some tunes, cooked up some turkey loin, and did some Mr. Mystery games that I picked up at that great American institution, The Cracker Barrel.
This is Mr. Mystery, a Secret Agent Spy Book. These were my favorite brand of toys when I was a kid.

It has secret agent mystery puzzles in it, which was perfect because when I was younger I wanted to be a private detective. I mean, from the time I was 2 to the time i was 15. A long time. I’ll post pictures sometime of the detective agencies my dad used to build me out of the wardrobe boxes every time we moved. Anyway…back to these Mr. Mystery books, you have to use the “answer pen”, which reacts with the invisible inky things inside the book. This is what the pen looks like:

I won’t spoil for you the magic of the pen on the paper. That, and it’s pretty hard to photograph. But the mysteries are totally worth your time. Get you to a Cracker Barrel and get yourself a Mr. Mystery game. For “Hours and Hours of ‘By Yourself Enjoyment'”. Worked out for me pretty well…being an only child that moved every few years. Oh yeah. Poor me.
I’m good with people. Probably wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t moved around all the time as a kid. So it’s a wash.

Oh yeah. Some earwigs have two penises. So that I don’t keep you in suspense. So my ears are totally doomed.

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  1. Talmadge Gleck says:

    Hi … jumped over here from Melissa’s blog.1) We have an occasional infestation of earwigs in our hallway bathroom. They always seem to come out about a month after our quarterly pest control spraying. A week or so later, they’re nowhere to be found. 2) I grew up on those “Yes & Know” invisible ink books and bought just about all of ’em back then. We’re talking the heyday of the interstate roadside Stuckey’s, and they all had ’em. While < HREF="http://talgleck.blogspot.com/2008/02/wv-08-day-2-as-seen-on-freeway.html" REL="nofollow">on vacation<> early this year I bought one – at my crusty age of 43 – at the “As Seen on TV” Outlet store near Knoxville, Tenn. (which also happened to have Stuckey’s items inside!)3) I was also moved around a lot as a kid. I completely understand.

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