So today was my department’s turn at our Habitat for Humanity house. It turns out that I am

a) not good at hanging drywall
b) not good at working in 90 degree heat
c) a big, BIG wuss

I believe in the cause, but I think they need a lot of support and a LOT LOT LOT more money. I have a raging headache, I itch all over, and I feel really embarrassed because my coworker SENT ME HOME because my face was PURPLE. Purple. Honestly.

My face is back to my-face-colored, but my head is screaming “Why did you try to be a tough person?” and the jagged ball of hurt above my left eye makes me want to vomit or cry, but I’m holding back because, gee, that would make the throbbing and the pain that much worse.

So, the following are not cures for a dehydration migraine:

a) blogging
b) Mandy Moore movies
c) searching vainly for the March issue of SELF so that I can contemplate starting the SELF challenge to lose weight and feel great about myself (only to eat a slimy delicious cheesesteak and loaded fries as soon as I get the plan written out)
d) chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese sandwich (though they were delicious)

I wish I had taken my camera with me to the Habitat build so that I could show you how hard everyone worked, and how crappy the conditions are, and how very very red and purple my face got. Ah well.

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