Wasted Saturday

No, not wasted in that way. My days of afternoon Bloody Marys are long gone, alas. No, instead I’ve been dealing with a hellish migraine that has effectively sucked away my only day to rest this weekend. There is a little bit of a paradox at work here, though, because I did plan to work on the paper all day, but every time I moved more than a subtle shift in position I vomited, so I was forced to lay flat on my back and watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season Two) all day long. Finally, around 2:30 my pain subsided enough to get SOME work done on the confounded paper, but not near enough for me to feel like I’m ahead of the game.
I got no housework done, and I’m currently typing out this Poor Me blog whilst smelling like a pole cat and feeling little waves of sickly panic at how much I didn’t get done today.
Behold the messiness that is me

Most of all, I’m disappointed about falling of the diet wagon. All week I did really well. I exercised three times, I did that active resting thing where you walk around more than normal, I counted calories, I counted steps, I did it right. Today I have eaten like crap, and I’m going to eat more here in a minute. I have to lose weight for health. Doctor says so. Meh.

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