Lack of foresight

I thought it would be OK to wait until much later to get the oil tank filled. See, we have oil heat at this house that we rent and I’m not used to having to plan my heat in advance – even though we’ve been here for almost two years.
I stupidly thought that if we ran out of heating oil at the end of March it would be OK, because it’s plenty warm by the end of March. Wrong. It’s cold in here. My toesies are little polished blocks of ice and I walk around with a quilt cape ala a two-year-old wanna-be WARM super-hero. I’m not about to drop $400 to put oil in the tank, so I’m just hoping it warms up before I get frostbite or hypothermia.

OK, I admit to a little bit of exaggeration. It’s not THAT cold. And it makes for some awesome sleeping.

I have lots of homework and errands.

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