So I WAS getting sick, but I’m STILL getting sick. It’s a slow, painful, and irritating process, as I’m not sick enough to stay home from work but I’m sick enough to be about half as productive as I need to be.
Added to that, I’m really hating this semester in school. We have this ginormous paper to write for English, and I don’t know for sure that I’ve got the know-how or the can-how to do it.
We just wrote what they call a “Discovery Process” paper, all about what made us think of our topic and how we were going to go about writing about it, but we were supposed to be very descriptive and say “I” a lot (supposedly to get it out of our systems because we won’t be able to write in first person anymore). I think mine sucks. I’ll let you know what the teacher thinks.
I don’t think he likes me.
For today, this is what will cheer me up:

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