When Sugar Fails

I barely slept a wink Thursday night. I was babysitting at a co-worker’s house about a half hour from my house, and I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t have my husband next to me, I was in a strange bed with scratchy sheets, they have electric heat (quite dry compared to our old-fashioned oil heat), and I had a lot on my mind regarding school and work.

As a result of my insomnia, I was f’ing WIRED Friday morning. Seriously, I’m not sure that I won’t be “interventioned” at work because they’ll fear that I’m on happy pills or drinking before work. No sleep does that to me. It makes me hyper. Until about noon, when I crash hard and feel sleepy and am distracted, brainless, and irritable. Thus perpetuating possible rumors about my crazy rock and roll lifestyle and illicit drug use.

Of course I feel it necessary to reiterate the fact that I am NOT on drugs, I just don’t react well to insomnia. It makes for a bad day for me.

Lesson learned? Don’t sleep anywhere different from where you live unless you absolutely can’t help it, and if you do happen to suffer from insomnia you should call in sick. Unfortunately those aren’t always viable options. So, you motor through and hope you don’t come off as a complete whacko.

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