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An Open Letter to My Landlord

I alerted you to the air conditioning situation in the XXXX apartment of XXX address, last September when I moved in. I told you at that time that only a few of the vents worked, and nothing was done. Over … Continue reading

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Jeremy Sisto, Why Are You So Creepy?

Since I need constant distraction in the form of SOMETHING on the TV when I write (I know, it seems counterproductive, but honestly, if I don’t have the TV on I work SO SLOW) I have been watching up all … Continue reading

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More Things I Don’t Like

At the risk of being labeled a “hater”, I submit more of the things I don’t like: 1. The term “bleed out”, “gone septic”, and what each entails. 2. Imaginary and real spiders and spiderbites. 3. Waiting on someone to … Continue reading

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